Telecoms Training

Telecoms Training

In todays world, where more than half of the worlds population are in a social network, be it Facebook which already boasts of 1.4 Billion users and the amount of time people use on Facebook per month clocking up to 700 Billion, LinkeIn, Twitter, Google+. Our systems have been designed to assist social networking sites as named above to authenticate users credentials, or re-activate sessions where a user has been automatically logged out due to unusual user behavior, or could even be used to enable SMS being sent out for user profile notifications.

We have levied mobile technology to play an active role in assisting call center agents, to easily send out notifications, updates, even send out service requests, and thus assist in keeping a large organization, well oiled and thus ensuring there is no breakdown of communication at any given time.

Moreover, ensuring that the solutions that have deployed are both user-friendly and cost-effective to use.

With the global number of mobile phones risen by 45% in 2011 to rest at the 6.0 Billion mark and consequently exceeding the total global population; the telecommunication industry is ripe for exploitation and by leveraging the mobile channel you can generate more value for your consumers, while opening up new revenue streams through precise business promotions, such as through SMS Marketing and other means of Mobile technology. Connect Media Interactive product portfolio in this sector includes:

Feel free to get in touch with us if you are looking to set up an SMSC, USSD, SDP, VoiceMail, Conference Bridge and Billing platforms , you don’t have to go any further. Our team of experts have years of experience designing and deploying cutting edge telecommunication solutions.