mobile app

mobile app

Mobile Apps are a great way to build a capsule experience – a completely controlled environment in which to deliver information. We all value the importance of communicating with customers, but it’s equally important to communicate effectively with employees. We can help you implement effective internal communication, allowing businesses to promote products and reward staff.

Business Apps can help implement effective internal communication, allowing businesses to promote products and reward staff. By using a business app, employers and employees alike can send push notifications and create and upload new promotions, information on loyalty initiatives, videos and images relating to new products, all helping to encourage brand loyalty and in turn build sales

Apps can also integrate with existing business IT systems and solutions enabling customers and employees to sign in to access information that previously would only have been accessible through secure web protocol. In essence, apps provide convenience and relevant information to the end user and increased exposure to the brand or business.

Mobile technology is always on, always connected and allows for real-time communication like never before. Whether you use mobile technology to empower your workforce in the field or integrate mobile into system automation, mobile technology will save you time, and time is money!

Smartphone and Tablet Apps are becoming increasingly important for businesses who wish to regularly engage with both potential and existing customers through a consolidated digital media platform. An app can house all of a businesses social media connections in one place, has a dashboard-style view using existing features of the mobile device such as click-to-call, touch-to-email but most importantly can provide real-time, personalised information to the customer.

Levaraging the GPS capability of smartphones is also hugely attractive to businesses where geo-targeted, push notification is a powerful tool in communicating with specific customers at specific times driving them to specific retail stores, for example. Store and site locator features are hugely popular as they are a great marketing tool for businesses to showcase their geographical spread whilst providing genuine added value to the customer.

The mobile revolution is happening. eCommerce has changed how we behaved as consumers and mCommerce is set to change that again. The increasing usage of smartphones is creating smarter shoppers because information is only a few button taps away.