Messaging Solutions

Messaging Solutions

Mobile is the ultimate omni channel with SMS (text messaging), voice, email, video, push notifications, and messaging app capabilities in the palm of your hand. As customers navigate between different channels, they expect everything to be one seamless experience.

Graycode Messaging platform allows you to automate, manage and send your campaigns across all channels —from SMS to email to push notifications—from a single web portal. You can create integrated programs by using SMS, email, voice, push notifications, and Telegram —no technical knowledge needed! Optimize your campaigns with detailed reports across all communications channels.

Our Messaging Services are:

Our 2-Factor Authentication secures your application, confidential user data and your business

It relies on a mobile phone to receive an additional log in credential – a one-time password or PIN number (OTP) delivered via SMS or Voice. Deliver your authentication PINs to users regardless of their location with best delivery rates and speed available on the market.

Bulk SMS is generally used to send out mass broadcasts, individual alerts and notifications, and others. Push Notifications

Your customers are on their mobile devices nearly all the time, are you there too? Get user attention with push messages that bring them back to your app and increase their engagement with you.

Maximize engagement and conversion rates by choosing the right channel for each audience and segment.

Push notifications re-engage customers with timely and relevant messages at essential points in the customer lifecycle. Use push to remind a customer about forgotten items in the online shopping cart with offers like free shipping, discounts, or even just a simple reminder with a link back to your app store.

Once the customer places an order, you can send an SMS to notify that the order has been shipped with the tracking number. Proactive engagement leveraging multiple omni channel tools delivers a better customer experience and helps you convert customers faster.

  • Deliver real-time notifications and offers
  • Send push messages to Smartphone users within a certain geographic location. Capture customer’s attention as they enter or are located around a specific area to act on special offers or announcements sent directly to their devices.
  • Advanced segmentation - Segment and target users based on profile attributes you collect from your registered users, operating systems (iOS or Android), and geo-locations.
  • Flexible scheduling - Decide the best time to send notifications to your users. Schedule in advance, stagger by time zones, and deliver in real-time.
  • create campaigns - Easily set up and send single or multiple campaigns within one campaign view.